15 Best Murder Mystery Anime, Ranked (2023)

Anime's diverse genre categories are commendable. From high school rom-coms, to historical dramas, to fantasy sci-fi, anime has something for everybody, no matter how niche. Anime over-indulges in certain genres, like shonen action and mecha, but the tight tropes of a murder mystery are often in short supply.

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That's not to say that anime doesn't have any murder mystery series, but the grand total is quite minuscule when compared to how much Western media celebrates this suspenseful genre. It's possible that American audiences are more accustomed to the makings of a murder mystery, but there are still some excellent anime series that embrace and subvert this storytelling genre.

Updated December 4, 2022 by Daniel Kurland: Anime is a versatile animation medium that freely indulges in so many extreme genres. Audiences love to see heightened anime fight sequences and magical girl transformations, but there’s a level of satisfaction that comes out of a well-constructed mystery that’s hard to top. Anime is no stranger to smart, suspenseful mystery series and there are plenty of shows that go the extra mile and add murder into the mix. Anime murder mysteries can be grounded and serious or wildly exaggerated, but they always amount to a satisfying story that’s full of tense twists and turns.


15 Schoolyard Rivalries Evolve Into A Feud-Filled Death Game

Danganronpa: The Animation

15 Best Murder Mystery Anime, Ranked (1)

Based upon the popular video game series of the same name, Danganronpa: The Animation is set at the seemingly idyllic Hope's Peak Academy high school. 16 students find themselves caught in a disturbing death game and murder mystery trial courtesy of an antagonistic anthropomorphic bear, Monokuma, who calls the shots.

The only way to escape this purgatory is by killing another student and leaving the ensuing murder trial with an innocent verdict. Danganronpa: The Animation creates genuine suspense out of not only who's pulling the strings through this macabre exercise, but also who will survive.

14 A Bleak World Sets Up An Unfair Victim To Take The Fall

Ergo Proxy

15 Best Murder Mystery Anime, Ranked (2)

Ergo Proxy is a dark 23-episode cyberpunk anime from the early 2000s that often gets overlooked because of its nihilistic themes. Set in an increasingly despondent utopia where AutoReiv androids peacefully service humans, a rogue virus infects these machines and results in a series of self-aware murders.

Re-l and her AutoReiv partner, Iggy, investigate who's responsible for this deadly malware and their true intentions behind this attack. An intimidating government conspiracy is revealed that leaves Re-l questioning everything she thought she knew about this world.

13 Time Travel And Detective Skills Come Together To Stop A Serial Killer


15 Best Murder Mystery Anime, Ranked (3)
(Video) Ranked, The 15 Best Mystery Solving And Detective Anime of All Time

Erased is a hard-boiled murder mystery anime bound to appeal to science fiction and time travel fans. Satoru Fujinuma is a man on the cusp of his thirties who has a unique ability to briefly go back in time to prevent bad things from happening.

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One such incident unexpectedly catapults Satoru to his younger self more than a decade back in time. Limited in this new state, Satoru works tirelessly to find the identity of a kidnapper whose crimes culminate in terrible consequences in the future. Zodiac meets Back to the Future, Erased is a breath of fresh air.

12 A Town Of Bloodsucking Beasts Hides A Horrific Secret


15 Best Murder Mystery Anime, Ranked (4)

Shiki is a tense 23-episode series that more or less feels like the anime version of Stephen King's Salem's Lot. Shiki looks at the sleepy village of Sotoba, which doesn't just experience one murder, but a whole epidemic throughout the community.

An engrossing mystery plays out over what exactly is responsible for claiming all of these lives, but the answer is far more frightening than any vengeful serial killer. Shiki embraces the horror genre more than it does mystery tropes, but the anime effectively uses compelling questions to draw in the audience.

11 A Multiverse Of Possibilities Reveal The Ultimate Murder Mystery Sci-Fi Hybrid


15 Best Murder Mystery Anime, Ranked (5)

Time travel is a tempting subject to explore, but it's frequently underdeveloped. Steins;Gate is one of the best deconstructions of time travel storytelling that begins with the simple premise where text messages can be sent to the past and used to alter the present.

This evolves into an unbelievable story that has one of the most satisfying endings of any anime. Admittedly, Steins;Gate is more about time travel and alternate realities than it is a murder mystery series, but there's still a crucial whodunit that temporarily takes over the story and becomes essential to proceed.

10 Fantasy And The Occult Drive Forward A Moving Mystery


15 Best Murder Mystery Anime, Ranked (6)

On the surface, In/Spectre has the recipe for a successful anime with its distinguishably unique setting, a likable heroine, and fantasy and occult themes. However, fans can't be blamed for their disappointment once the series spends most of its 12-episode run on a single story arc.

(Video) Top 10 Best Crime/Mystery Anime Of ALL Time

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Kotoko Iwanaga is a so-called "Goddess of Wisdom" who can interact with inhabitants of the supernatural world. She has unparalleled wit and charm that keeps her subjects coming back for her advice. That being said, most humans find Kotoko odd and even annoying. With her boyfriend, Kuro Sakuragawa, Kotoko investigates the various incidents that plague her paranormal subjects and everyday civilians.

9 A Rejuvenated Reinvention Of 19th Century's Most Distinguished Detective


15 Best Murder Mystery Anime, Ranked (7)

Gosick is a Sherlock Holmes-based anime, but this time the revered detective is a short, blonde high schooler with a sharp tongue. Both stories also happen to take place in 19th and 20th-century Europe and involve essential sidekicks. The detectives' assistants constantly complain while they're dragged around with each new case.

Gosick is a mystery anime that focuses on a young wannabe detective, Victorique de Blois, and her only friend, Kazuya Kujo. These two solve various crimes together through Victorique's ability to "reconstruct chaos."

8 A Powerful And Deadly Tome Becomes A Murderer's Greatest Weapon

Death Note

15 Best Murder Mystery Anime, Ranked (8)

Few anime have achieved the kind of international fame that Death Note has, and rightfully so. It's undeniably one of the most unique psychological and supernatural thrillers of its kind. Death Note's popularity exceeds the concept of "anime" itself.

Light Yagami and L's rivalry is legendary and a relationship that fans continue to discuss almost two decades after the anime's ending. Nothing defines "murder mystery anime" like Death Note and it's left an incalculable influence on the genre. It's a sublime blend of intelligent detective work with dark, supernatural forces.

7 Science Fiction And Class-Based Mysteries Meld Together

ID: Invaded

15 Best Murder Mystery Anime, Ranked (9)

An underrated gem from 2020 that's come and gone, ID: Invaded mixes classic detective mysteries with Psycho-Pass-style science fiction to create a rare, but intelligent form of storytelling. ID: Invaded takes place in the future, where technology can access the inner recess of the human mind.

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(Video) Top 10 Mystery/Thriller Anime That Will Mess With Your Mind

Law enforcement utilizes this technology to explore the minds of criminals, while Akihito Narihisago is willing to get his hands dirty in these problematic psyches. A former detective has turned to murder after killing the man who massacred his family. Now, he dons the identity of "brilliant detective Sakaido," as he looks into the murders.

6 A Grim Murder Mystery That's Told By Its Deadly Culprit

Talentless Nana

15 Best Murder Mystery Anime, Ranked (10)

Like Death Note, Talentless Nana is a murder mystery, but with a big twist that guarantees that it's far from a classic "whodunit." Talentless Nana's story is told by the murderer herself, which makes for an eerie twist in comparison to most murder mystery anime.

This murderous narrator element adds a lot to Talentless Nana, but it's also not the kind of content that's suited for everybody. Talentless Nana is borderline disturbing at times. However, those who are willing to sit through the anime will be treated to a mystery that only gets more suspenseful and exciting with each passing episode.

5 Powerful Forces Pull The Strings In This Small Town Murder Mystery

Higurashi: When They Cry

15 Best Murder Mystery Anime, Ranked (11)

People who expect a generic high school drama from Higurashi: When They Cry are in for a shocking ride. Upon first glance, Higurashi appears to be an innocuous slice-of-life series with adorable characters. However, murder, high school, and nihilistic time loops aren't concepts that are commonly grouped together. This unusual mix of inspirations and genres adds to Higurashi's horrific charm.

Across its multiple seasons and arcs, Higurashi revolves around a new student named Keiichi Maebara. After Keiichi moves to Hinamizawa, he starts to investigate historical murders that have taken place in the town. In typical horror fashion, everything isn't what it seems, but they're far worse than what Keiichi imagines.

4 Supernatural Folklore Informs These Gripping Mysteries

Box Of Spirits And Goblins

15 Best Murder Mystery Anime, Ranked (12)

Box of Spirits and Goblins follows an eclectic group of inquisitive minds that consists of a crime fiction writer, a news magazine editor, and an "onmyoji" – a magic and spirit specialist – as they investigate a series of murders in 1950s Tokyo. Box of Spirits and Goblins is based on a novel by Natsuhiko Kyogoku.

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However, the series finds a distinct voice that's both faithful to its source material, but also able to help it evolve. Box of Spirits and Goblins isn't the most popular murder mystery anime, but it's a winning mix of folklore, engaging dialogue, and character-driven storytelling that's full of surprises.

(Video) Top 10 Mystery Anime That Will Mess With Your Mind

3 Deceptively Deep Storytelling And Unique Animation Give This Murder Mystery Life

The Kubikiri Cycle

15 Best Murder Mystery Anime, Ranked (13)

The animation studio SHAFT and mangaka/novelist, Nisio Isin, are famous for producing the critically-acclaimed Monogatari series. However, one of their more underrated collaborations, The Kubikiri Cycle, was Isin's debut in the manga industry and show's tremendous promise from this emerging talent. Also known as Zaregoto, The Kubikiri Cycle passionately displays SHAFT's signature quirky and avant-garde animation style.

The Kubikiri Cycle is an 8-episode OVA series that accomplishes an incredible amount in this short span of time. A group of brilliant individuals gather on an island and wind up participants in a ghastly murder. Like most of the author's work, The Kubikiri Cycle is a story that appears flashy on the surface but becomes more philosophical and inventive as the audience gets deeper into it.

2 Close Quarters Become The Perfect Pressure Cooker To Solve A Double-Murder

The Perfect Insider

15 Best Murder Mystery Anime, Ranked (14)

The Perfect Insider is a one-season anime that's based on Hiroshi Mori's popular 1996 novel of the same name. Mori's suspenseful story has found new life as a manga, visual novel, and live-action series, but its anime doesn't get its due when it comes to smart murder mystery series.

The Perfect Insider focuses on a genius programmer, Shiki Magata, who chooses to live a solitary life on a distant island. Shiki's simple existence takes a complicated turn when she's visited by two colleagues, Souhei Saikawa and Moe Nishinosono, and the three of the get embroiled in a double-homicide. Stuck in this claustrophobic facility where there's no clear escape, Shiki and her friends must become exceptional detectives in order to solve these murders and earn their escape.

1 A Cult Classic Series Explores Responsibility And Guilt Through The Frankenstein's Monster Mythos


15 Best Murder Mystery Anime, Ranked (15)

Mangaka Naoki Urasawa is considered one of the most influential creators in the industry and his 1994 series Monster is frequently lauded as his most iconic work. Monster is a cult classic by every definition of the word, yet newer anime fans often overlook this gripping gem due to its age. Anyone who checks Monster out will quickly realize that it's a solid, well-written murder mystery.

In 20th-century Germany, Monster's story focuses on a well-respected neurosurgeon named Kenzo Tenma. After a falling-out due to his employer's lack of ethics, Dr. Tenma finds himself in hot water and without support. Tenma's actions put him on the hunt for a serial killer, whose livelihood he can't help but feel responsible for since he's a former patient that he saved. Monster tells a deep, dark story that takes time to develop, but it only grows more suspenseful in the process.

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What anime has the most mystery? ›

Mystery, anime (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)
  1. Perfect Blue (1997) ...
  2. Steins;Gate (2011–2015) ...
  3. Ghost in the Shell (1995) ...
  4. Paprika (2006) ...
  5. The Promised Neverland (2019–2021) ...
  6. Re: Zero, Starting Life in Another World (2016– ) ...
  7. Dota: Dragon's Blood (2021– ) ...
  8. The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf (2021)

Is there any murder mystery anime? ›

The mystery anime series, Un-Go, is set in post-war Japan where crime is rampant and a lot of gruesome cases are going unsolved. Detective Shinjuurou Yuuki, also known as the “The Defeated Detective,” travels throughout Japan with his enigmatic colleague, Inga, and the pair solves mysteries along the way.

What detective anime has 12 episodes? ›

Woodpecker Detective's Office is a 12-episode-long detective anime that aired between April 13, 2020, and June 29, 2020.

What is #1 anime in the world? ›

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

What are the 3 most watched anime? ›

The Most Popular Anime of All Time
  • 8 My Hero Academia.
  • 7 Death Note.
  • 6 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.
  • 5 Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.
  • 4 One Piece.
  • 3 Naruto & Naruto: Shippuden.
  • 2 Pokémon.
  • 1 Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball Z.
Dec 27, 2022

Can a 10 year old watch murder mystery? ›

This movie was a really good movie that both me and the kids enjoyed. Even though there are some explicit language and sexual content for 11 and above it will definitely be great. I give it a big thumbs up for any child 11 and up.

Which anime is based on serial killing? ›

Death Note is the most popular and beloved anime series about a serial killer. This anime is so celebrated that creators have been going back to it over and over again, creating many exciting and new versions of Light Yagami.

What are some good murder mysteries to watch? ›

  • Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. Detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) is back! ...
  • Murder Mystery. ...
  • In the Shadow of the Moon. ...
  • Get Even. ...
  • The Woman in the Window. ...
  • The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window. ...
  • The Lincoln Lawyer.
Dec 20, 2022

Who is the number 1 best anime character? ›

Top 15 Most Popular Anime Characters of 2021
  • No. 1 Goku (Dragon Ball Z)
  • No. 2 Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto)
  • No. 3 Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)
  • No. 4 Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)
  • No. 5 Saitama (One Punch Man)
  • No. 6 Isaac Netero (Hunter X Hunter)
  • No. 7 Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)
  • No. 8 Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)

Who is the most op character in all anime? ›

The 27 Most Powerful Anime Characters of All Time, Ranked
  • Gojo. MAPPA. ...
  • Meruem. Madhouse. ...
  • Beerus. Bandai Namco Entertainment. ...
  • Shigeo Kageyama. Crunchyroll. ...
  • Whis. Bandai Namco Entertainment. 'Dragon Ball Super' ...
  • Vegeta. Bandai Namco Entertainment. 'Dragon Ball Z' ...
  • Goku. Toei Animation. 'Dragon Ball' ...
  • Saitama. Viz Media. 'One Punch Man'
Jan 3, 2023

What is the 2 longest anime series? ›

No.TitleTotal count
3Nintama Rantarō2,202
67 more rows

What is the 1000 episode anime? ›

15 One Piece – 1050+ Episodes

One Piece celebrated the anime's 1000th episode in 2021, an achievement that reflects the dominance the shonen anime has enjoyed over the last two decades.

What anime has 366 episodes? ›

Bleach (stylized in all caps) is a Japanese anime television series based on Tite Kubo's original manga series of the same name. It was produced by Studio Pierrot and directed by Noriyuki Abe. The series aired on TV Tokyo from October 2004 to March 2012, spanning 366 episodes.

What is the big 3 anime? ›

The Big Three was a term used to describe the three most popular running series during their golden age in Jump - One Piece, Naruto and Bleach. All three series got their common title due to their worldwide popularity and length.

What is the No 1 anime in Japan? ›

According to the biggest ranking website in Japan Goo Ranking, the best anime series in Japan of all time is currently Attack on Titan.

Which anime broke the Internet? ›

1) Goku becomes the first Super Saiyan in millennia (Dragon Ball Z) Fans were incredibly hyped when Goku successfully transformed into a Super Saiyan for the first time in the Dragon Ball Z anime.

What is the longest anime? ›

The longest-running anime TV series is Fuji TV's Sazae-san (Japan), which was first broadcast on 5 October 1969 and has run for 53 years 58 days, as of 2 December 2022. Produced by the studio Eiken, the animation features Sazae and her family focusing on day-to-day life in the suburbs.

Which anime made the most money? ›

Unsurprisingly, Pokémon is the highest-grossing anime franchise of all time. The Pokemon Company stopped publicizing Pokémon's total worth in 2019. At the time, Pokémon was estimated to be worth around $71 billion. But in 2022, the total net worth supposedly ballooned to more than $100 billion.

Is it OK for kids to watch horror? ›

While there is no absolute age at which scary movies are appropriate, Dr. Dry recommends not introducing them to very young children because of the potential to create long-term anxiety.

What happens if kids watch horror? ›

Toddlers and young children who watch violent movies, including Halloween horror films, television shows or video games may be more likely to develop anxiety, sleep disorders, and aggressive and self-endangering behaviors.

Can a 14 year old watch horror movies? ›

If you want to start saying yes, you can start saying yes to horror movies at age 14. Your child will be mature enough to handle it, but still young enough to be scared out of their wits. Plus, most sleepovers at this point will have a horror movie played at some point.

Is any anime based on a true story? ›

However, much like western media, there are stories in anime that are based on real-life events as well. There is actually a large amount of anime based on real events, whether they be large scale or events that simply happened to the author.

Who is the first anime series? ›

Tetsuwan Atomu: The First Japanese Television Anime

On January 1, 1963, Fuji Television broadcast a 30-minute animated television series called Tetsuwan Atomu (better known in English as Astro Boy). The show became a surprise hit, starting an anime boom and a period of intense competition for TV audiences.

What anime has Jack the Ripper? ›

Black Clover leans into many traditional shonen archetypes, but it eventually finds its voice and is able to push Asta and the rest of the characters to exciting territory. Jack the Ripper is the captain of the Clover Kingdom's Green Mantis Squad and enters the anime very early and makes his malicious nature known.

What is the best murder mystery ever written? ›

Best Murder Mystery Books: The Classics
  • The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco. ...
  • In the Woods by Tana French. ...
  • Journey Under the Midnight Sun by Keigo Higashino. ...
  • Night Film by Marisha Pessl. ...
  • Murder in G Major by Alexia Gordon. ...
  • And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. ...
  • The Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz.
Mar 21, 2022

What are the top 10 murder mysteries on Netflix? ›

The Best Mystery Movies on Netflix Right Now
  • Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022)
  • Monica, O My Darling (2022)
  • Earthquake Bird (2019)
  • Hubie Halloween (2020)
  • Murder Mystery (2019)
  • The Woman in the Window (2021)
  • Spenser Confidential (2020)
  • Mute (2013)
Jan 18, 2023

What is the best crime thriller? ›

Top 50 Crime, Thriller Movies
  • Sharper (2023) R | 116 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller. ...
  • Infinity Pool (2023) R | 117 min | Crime, Horror, Mystery. ...
  • Glass Onion (2022) PG-13 | 139 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama. ...
  • The Pale Blue Eye (2022) ...
  • The Batman (2022) ...
  • Unlocked (2023) ...
  • The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (2022) ...
  • Marlowe (2022)

Who is the most loved character in Japan? ›

According to a survey conducted by the Nippon Research Center from October to November 2020, Kumamon was the most popular character among people in Japan.

What is the strongest anime power? ›

The ability to stop time is one of the rarest and strongest powers in the anime world. Anyone with this power can control their battles. Time manipulation can allow a character to wriggle out of any troublesome situation with ease.

Which anime has the best ending? ›

10 Best Anime Finales
  • A Place Further Than the Universe. ...
  • Assassination Classroom. ...
  • Clannad After Story. ...
  • Code Geass. ...
  • Cowboy Bebop. ...
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. ...
  • Monster. ...
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Jun 10, 2022

Which anime has best fights? ›

The 10 Best Fighting Anime That Bring the Hype
  • 'Attack on Titan' ViniiTube. 1.04M subscribers. ...
  • God of High School' K2Compaq. 10.9K subscribers. ...
  • 'Fate' Otaku Den. 133K subscribers. ...
  • 'One Punch Man' ViniiTube. ...
  • 'Dragon Ball' Top 10 Hunter. ...
  • 'Naruto' Crunchyroll Collection. ...
  • 'Bleach' aymanhajeer. ...
  • 'Demon Slayer' ViniiTube.
Aug 16, 2022

Can any anime character beat one above all? ›

No one can defeat The One Above All, he is the supreme being in Marvel and a supreme being cannot be defeated, only stalemated. Plus The One Above All is the comic book incarnation of Jack Kirby and also represents the writers so he is quite literally beyond fiction.

Who is the smartest anime character? ›

The 20 Smartest Anime Characters Of All Time, Ranked
  1. 1 Light Yagami Managed To Defeat L.
  2. 2 Kiyotaka Ayanokoji Is Hiding A Dark Secret. ...
  3. 3 Dio Brando Always Finds A Way To Survive. ...
  4. 4 Korosensei Is The Hero His Students Needed. ...
  5. 5 L Manages To Corner Kira Multiple Times. ...
  6. 6 Senku Ishigami Is A Scientist, Even In The Stone Age. ...
Nov 23, 2022

What anime has 7000 episodes? ›

Sazae-san is one of the most successful shows in Japan; it is the longest-running animated series in the world, with over 7,000 episodes, and new episodes are still being made.

How many anime exist? ›

How many total anime are there? According to the survey, more than 6,000 anime are produced, and more than 3,200 anime are aired on television. Also, about 60% of the all animations broadcasted in the world are made in Japan.

What anime has 720 episodes? ›

The original Naruto series, meanwhile, has been on air since 2002, followed by the lead's adolescent years in the sequel Naruto Shippuden in 2007. All in all, the series has a combined total of 720 episodes, 11 featured movies and numerous video game adaptations from multiple platforms.

What is the most watched anime episode? ›

Top 50 Most Viewed
#titleseen by
1Fullmetal Alchemist (TV)23793
2Death Note (TV)22537
3Cowboy Bebop (TV)21329
48 more rows

How old is Luffy in episode 1000? ›

19 (after timeskip)

What anime has over 7500 episodes? ›

THE LONGEST-RUNNING ANIME HAS OVER 7,500 EPISODES. Sazae-san has over 7500 episodes, but each is only about six minutes long. Manga Nippon Mukashibanashi has over 1400 episodes of about 25 minutes each.

What anime has 8000 episodes? ›

Yes, that's right - there are nearly 8,000 episodes of Mrs. Sazae for you to catch up on.

What anime has over 800 episodes? ›

Dragon Ball (et all) To date, there are five official Dragon Ball TV shows, and only one of them--Dragon Ball GT--has under 100 episodes. If you add the total for Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Z Kai, and Dragon Ball Super, you've got nearly 800 total episodes to work through.

Which anime has most suspense? ›

Some anime names mentioned in this list are popular ones, while others are less heard of (but definitely worth the watch).
  • 3 Mirai Nikki.
  • 4 Re:ZERO - Starting Life in Another World. ...
  • 5 Another. ...
  • 6 Death Parade. ...
  • 7 Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica. ...
  • 8 The Promised Neverland. ...
  • 9 Zankyou No Terror. ...
  • 10 Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni. ...
Dec 13, 2020

What anime should I watch if I like mystery? ›

Watching a plot slowly unravel is seriously fun as these fantastic anime mystery stories show.
This article has been updated to include an additional show, along with the streaming information of each anime.
  1. 1 Owarimonogatari.
  2. 2 Monster. ...
  3. 3 Mushi-Shi. ...
  4. 4 Death Note. ...
  5. 5 The Garden Of Sinners. ...
  6. 6 The Tatami Galaxy. ...
Apr 30, 2022

What anime has the most watchers? ›

Fullmetal Alchemist (TV)

What is the darkest anime in the world? ›

12 Most Twisted Dark Anime Series
  1. 1 Paranoia Agent.
  2. 2 Erased. ...
  3. 3 Monster. ...
  4. 4 Corpse Party: Tortured Souls. ...
  5. 5 The Promised Neverland. ...
  6. 6 Elfen Lied. ...
  7. 7 Another. ...
  8. 8 Tokyo Ghoul. ...
Nov 9, 2022

Which anime has the best cliffhangers? ›

  • The Best Cliffhangers in Anime History. These endings kept us on the edge of our seats. ...
  • Re:Zero. There is hardly any episode that doesn't end with cliffhangers. ...
  • One Outs. Every episode of this baseball anime ends with a cliffhanger. ...
  • Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. ...
  • Erased. ...
  • The Promised Neverland. ...
  • Kaiji.
Aug 16, 2022

Who is the toughest anime? ›

Goku is considered to be the strongest anime character of all time. He is the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball franchise, a highly successful and popular Japanese manga series created by Akira Toriyama.

What is the most satisfying anime? ›

14 Most Satisfying Anime Endings
  • 7 Cowboy Bebop.
  • 8 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. ...
  • 9 Code Geass. ...
  • 10 Death Note. ...
  • 11 Samurai Champloo. ...
  • 12 Katanagatari. ...
  • 13 AnoHana. Not many anime can stir up the emotions of the viewers like AnoHana. ...
  • 14 Naruto. Naruto is among the most popular shonen series of all time. ...
Dec 9, 2021

Which anime is most watched in Japan? ›

In this article: 📝
  • Doraemon.
  • Dragon Ball.
  • Slam Dunk.
  • Pokemon.
  • Naruto.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • The Most Popular Anime in Japan 2022-2023.
Feb 4, 2023

Where is anime most popular? ›

This means that the United States has a greater number of total people who watch anime shows than Japan, but Japan has a higher percentage of its population that watches anime overall. There are a number of ways that the total number of anime fans can be calculated.

Who is the oldest in anime? ›

1. Najimi Ajimu – Medaka Box. Najimi is one of the oldest existing anime characters. She's been alive for 3 402 193 822 311 years and possesses more than 12 quadrillion skills (if you've got the time, you might as well do something with it).

What is the Cringiest anime of all time? ›

10 Worst Anime Series Of All Time, According To Ranker
  • Generation Of Chaos. ...
  • Ice. ...
  • Psychic Wars. ...
  • Garzey's Wing. ...
  • Mars Of Destruction. ...
  • Wounded Man. ...
  • Skelter Heaven. ...
  • Dark Cat. Voted by anime fans as the worst anime series of all time is the obscure singular episode OVA from 1991, Dark Cat.
Jun 13, 2022

Who is the darkest villain in anime? ›

  1. 1 Lil' Slugger (Paranoia Agent)
  2. 2 Shou Tucker (Fullmetal Alchemist) ...
  3. 3 Makishima Shogo (Psycho-Pass) ...
  4. 4 Griffith (Berserk) ...
  5. 5 Shinobu Sensui (Yu Yu Hakusho) ...
  6. 6 Frieza (Dragon Ball Z) ...
  7. 7 Light Yagami (Death Note) ...
  8. 8 Kyubey (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) ...
Nov 16, 2022


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